Ready-to-live-in houses

Choose a ready-to-live-in home at Troglo Village Origine.

We will soon start building houses designed by D~B Architects on three beautiful lots. The homes are modern, energy-conscious, and meet the latest sustainability requirements. At the same time, the design is regional and fits in the sloping landscape. With many windows, so you can also enjoy this landscape from inside.

The lots

WillemJan of D~B Architects (who will also live in Troglo Village Origine himself!) designed the houses for Troglo Village Origine. Including the concept house. The concept house will be realized three times on different lots. Due to the playful landscape, the location of the lot has a lot of influence on the unique properties of the house.

troglo village concepthuis kavel 8 impressie

Lot 8

2.936 m2

A spacious lot on sloping terrain. In the center of the lot is a platform of approximately 1000 m² on which the house will be built. The spacious salon is oriented to the east and has a view over the forest. The kitchen is south-facing with a glass entrance. You also enter the house on this side, via a steeply ascending path.

troglo village concepthuis kavel 9 impressie

Lot 9

2.192 m2

A slightly smaller lot, but still 2200 m². The house is built centrally on a plateau. At the back of the house, in the west, there is a rising slope. And at the front, east, and south a sloping slope. From the house, there is a view over tens of kilometers of the forest towards the south. The entrance is on the west side. There are excellent options for annexes, like a garage, workshop, or more rooms.

troglo village concepthuis kavel 10 impressie

Lot 10

3.341 m2

A very spacious lot of which about 1/3 part consists of forest, on the west and east side. This lot has the most privacy as it is the last on the access road to lots 8, 9, and 10. The entrance is on the west side. Therefore there are numerous options for building a garage, studio, or more rooms. The windows face east and south. You can look very far, especially towards the south.


Troglo Village Overzichtskaarat

The locations

Troglo Village Origine is divided into 11 lots. Ready-to-live homes are being built on lots 8, 9, and 10. You can see the location of these homes on the overview map.


Curious about the other residents?

The building plans

The concept house will be built on the lots described above. A nice, spacious house with many natural materials, light, and panoramic views.

The concept house

Construction will start soon on lots 8, 9 and 10


For a value-retaining house, it is important to meet modern ecological requirements. The house is therefore built sustainably. The construction takes into account a minimal impact on the environment by working with natural, regional materials. Each house has its own terrace and parking space but is also surrounded by a natural garden with wildflowers, with which we give bee, butterfly, and bird populations a habitat. We want to avoid fences, we prefer to look for other possibilities to mark your own terrain. Or you just let your site be part of the colorful flower prairie, of course, that is also possible.

The house itself offers enough space to fulfill all your living needs. Thanks to the smart insulation, it stays nice and cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter. Thanks to the large windows, you also have the feeling of being surrounded by nature from inside.


Environmentally friendly materials are used, the house is energy-conscious and blends into the landscape.

The house

The house has an area of 108 m2, is built with certified wood, and has many large glass windows.


Regional specific and optimally integrated into the landscape. The concept house is stable in value, stylish, and durable.


Technical details


High-efficiency glass

Certified wood

Ventilation system with heat recovery

Thermostatic shower mixers

Good thermal insulation

Connection for electric car / bicycle

Solar panels (optional)


Our concept house at Troglo Village is built with timber frame construction.

Wood is the most environmentally friendly building material. Reusable, durable and it absorbs CO2 from the environment. It provides thermal insulation and we use wood from the immediate vicinity. Contrary to popular belief, wood offers optimal resistance to bad weather conditions. No crack or sagging is to be expected with timber framing. A very durable and charming form of architecture!

In France, every new-build home must meet an established standard of insulation. Nowhere in the world is this standard so high. The concept house is therefore also double insulated and meets standards in terms of wall and roof insulation, heating, ventilation, water heating, choice of materials, etc. that fit perfectly within the strictest rules that apply. In this way, we optimally respect nature, with a responsible view of the future.

The green roof, the solar panels, the heat pump installation (for extremely efficient heating), and cooling also underline the high degree of sustainability. A nice bonus is that this technology also guarantees a very comfortable living experience.

Facade views

Construction drawings

More information about the concept house?

Contact us, we will gladly tell you all about this concept house. Architect WillemJan has also had his dream house built on lot 2.

Will you be our future neighbor?

Can’t wait to move into the concept house in Troglo Village Origine?