Do you already see yourself living in Troglo Village Origine, but do you have specific wishes for your dream home that you do not see in the concept house? Then design your dream house together with WillemJan of D~B Architects! There are three ready-to-build lots available to build your villa, loft, or chalet. The site has already been prepared in such a way that the construction of your house can start immediately. Take a look at the lots. The size, location, degree of privacy, and contact with nature have a major influence on your home.

The lots

Troglo Village Origine is divided into 11 lots. Lots 1 and 11 are ready for construction and still available.

troglo village kavel 1

Lot 1

3526 m²

At the front of the lot is space for the house. With plenty of options to realize your dream home. Big or small. One or two floors. None, or a large garage. Minimalist, or rich. A house with a studio, or a studio with a house. As your main home or as a holiday home. Everything is possible! There is lots of sun from the south and west. On the west side is a large flat area of about 2000 m². Any kind of green experience can become something beautiful here!

troglo village kavel 7

Lot 7


There is a lot of sloping greenery around the space where the house will be built. Ideal for lovers of a wild, natural prairie garden, because you don’t have to do much gardening. This house is wonderfully oriented to the east and south. Here you can of course also realize all your dream home wishes: large or small. A house with only a ground floor is possible, but this lot is also very suitable for a house with one floor. All this in a heavenly spot under the two large umbrella pines that form the heart of Troglo Village Origine.

troglo village kavel 11

Lot 11

4.603 m2

This lot is located in an oasis in the middle of the forest. The total surface covers almost half a hectare, so plenty of space for your dream home! How about a modern wooden house with a view over a large pond, an art garden, or a wild garden with a mown path winding through it? This lot offers limitless possibilities for creative green minds. And of course, also complete freedom for the design of the house.


Troglo Village Overzichtskaarat

The locations

The overview map of Troglo Village Origine shows the location of the available ready-to-build lots 1 and 11.


Curious about the other residents?

Simply put together your dream home

The Dreamhouse Toolbox was devised especially for the Troglo Village Origine project. Build your dream home with us based on our basic type of home. It is adaptable and expandable based on your wishes!

The Dreamhouse Toolbox

Put together your own home


The starting point of the buildings in Troglo Village Origine is a basic type of home. This house consists of 85m2 of useful living space. From this basic type, you can go in all directions to realize your dream home. Read more below about the Dreamhouse Toolbox, the possibilities, and the benefits.

troglo village bouwdoos logo
troglo village bouwdoos concepten overzicht


The Dreamhouse Toolbox is based on a basic type of home that can be expanded with all your wishes. Now, when you start designing the house, you can add all kinds of elements to this basic type. But it is also possible to adapt the house in the future. The house can therefore grow and change with you and your family, in a sustainable and future-proof way.


All kinds of extensions and additions can be devised for the basic type of house: a carport/garage, a storage room, or studio. One, two, or three rooms extra. On the ground floor or on an extra floor. The flat roof of these extensions can be arranged as a balcony or terrace. It is even possible to realize a roof terrace with a ‘roof house’ on a flat roof so that you can enjoy the spectacular views even more.


The perfect house can be tailored to suit everyone’s budget by means of the Dreamhouse Toolbox. Your dream house, completely according to your wishes. The house is optimally designed by WillemJan of D~B Architects for the chosen location on your plot. And if desired, a landscape architect can be engaged for a perfect landscape integration.

More information about the Dreamhouse Toolbox?

Please contact us, we will gladly tell you all about it. Architect WillemJan has designed his dream house himself and had it built on lot 2.

Will you be our future neighbor?

Can’t wait to design and build your dream home with us in Troglo Village Origine?