Troglo Village Origine is located in one of the most unspoilt areas in France. It is surrounded by the Auvergne on one side and the Dordogne and Lot on the other.

About us

Our story, our vision

Troglo Village Origine is a modern, small-scale, ecological new-build project for those seeking tranquility. Situated on a southeastern slope just outside the charming village of Perpezac le Blanc, in the idyllic prairie-like countryside of the Corrèze department in southwestern France. Initiated by the Dutch entrepreneur Han van Geest, who has lived in the area for over 30 years.

A magnificent place that we have called Origine: after starting point, base, and source. It is an original, private place to be with friends. It is a haven to return to. And to discover and get inspired from there. You’ll find Troglo Village Origine in a prairie landscape that invites you to rest, openness, and experience nature.

In Troglo Village Origine you can live in nature, comfort, safety, and tranquility. In a modern and at the same time ecological, environmentally friendly, and energy-conscious house that is fully equipped. Including of course fiber optic internet, because we do not want to lose connection with the world.

Currently built

The first residents have found their home

For example, Cor and Oukje had a beautiful large house built for permanent residence. And lot 4 houses Henk and Pieternel’s holiday home. The beautiful house of WillemJan and Inge with guest house and swimming pool is also finished. And Jan and Margriet have built a very spacious modern house with lots of space for the (grand) children and a swimming pool with a beautiful view.

The options

Ready-to-live-in house or ready-to-build lots available

The area of Troglo Village Origine is divided into eleven lots. A number of these have been sold and cultivated. Three of the six remaining lots will be delivered with a home. The other three lots are ready for construction. This means that the ground has been made ready for construction: the building of your house can start.

Ready-to-live-in houses (1 available)

Choose from one of the three ready-to-live-in homes to make the move effortlessly.


Ready-to-build lots (2 available)

Go on an adventure and choose one of the ready-to-build lots to build your ideal home with us.


Choose a ready-to-live-in home

On three beautiful lots, we will soon start building houses designed by Troglo Village Origine resident WillemJan of D~B architects. The houses are modern, energy-conscious, and meet the latest sustainability requirements. At the same time, the design is regional and fits in the rolling landscape. Of course, the houses have many windows, so that you can also enjoy this landscape from inside.

The concept house

Construction will start soon on lots 8, 9 and 10

For a value-retaining house, it is important to meet modern ecological requirements. The house is therefore built sustainably. The construction takes into account a minimal impact on the environment by working with natural, regional materials. Each house has its own terrace and parking space but is also surrounded by a natural garden with wildflowers, with which we give bee, butterfly, and bird populations a habitat. We want to avoid fences, we prefer to look for other possibilities to mark your own terrain. Or you just let your site be part of the colorful flower prairie, of course, that is also possible.

The house itself offers enough space to fulfill all your living needs. Thanks to the smart insulation, it stays nice and cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter. Thanks to the large windows, you also have the feeling of being surrounded by nature from inside.


Ready-to-build lots

Design and build your dream home with us

Do you already see yourself living in Troglo Village Origine, but do you have specific wishes for your dream home that you do not see in the concept house? Then design your dream house together with WillemJan of D~B Architects! There are three more lots available for building your very own villa, loft, or chalet. The site is already prepared in such a way that the construction of your house can start immediately. Take a look at the lots. The size, location, degree of privacy, and contact with nature have a major influence on your home.


troglo village kavel 1

Lot 1


At the front of the lot (3526 m²), there is space to build the house. There’s plenty of options to realize your dream home here. Big or small. One or two floors. None, or a large garage. Minimalist, or rich. A house with a studio, or a studio with a house. As your main home or as a holiday home. Everything is possible! There is plenty of sun from the south and west. After all, the lot consists of a large flat area where any kind of green experience is possible.

troglo village kavel 7

Lot 7


Around the space where the house can be built, there is a lot of sloping greenery. Ideal for lovers of a wild, natural prairie garden, because you don’t have to do much gardening. This house is wonderfully oriented to the east and south. Here you can of course also realize all your dream home wishes: large or small. A house with only a ground floor is possible, but this plot is also very suitable for a house with one floor.

troglo village kavel 11

Lot 11


This lot (4.603 m2) is located in a kind of oasis in the middle of the forest. The total surface covers almost half a hectare, so plenty of space for your dream home! How about a modern wooden house with a view over a large pond, an art garden, or a wild garden with a mown path winding through it? This lot offers limitless possibilities for creative green minds. And, of course, complete freedom for the design of the house.


The surroundings

Detached in a hilly, rural area with a view of greenery

Troglo Village Origine is located in Corrèze, one of the most unspoilt areas in France. It is surrounded by the Auvergne on one side and the Dordogne and Lot on the other. Motorway noise does not exist here and you do not stumble over tourist crowds. You can live here in peace and harmony with nature. Summers are wonderfully warm and invite you to enjoy the outdoors. Hikers and (electric) cyclists will find what they are looking for here.

Questions or more information?

Troglo Village Origine would like to meet you to answer all your questions and provide more information.