Currently built

Dream houses have so far been developed on four of the eleven lots on the basis of the Dreamhouse Toolbox devised by the Dutch architect WillemJan Droog. The very first dream house was already built by someone before the plan development.

The project from bird’s eye view

Watch in the movie below what Troglo Village Origine looks like from above.

The residents

Designs were made especially for the chosen location, the view, the orientation to the sun, and the available budget together with the buyers. Three homes have now been completed and the fourth is almost ready. Every house is different, but they are related.

Troglo Village Kavel 2

Lot 2

This lot was quickly off the list when WillemJan and Inge heard about Troglo Village Origine. At the same time, a collaboration arose between WillemJan’s architectural firm and Troglo Village Origine for further development. The beautiful house of WillemJan and Inge with guest house and swimming pool is now finished.

Troglo Village Kavel 3

Lot 3

Cor and Oukje fell in love with this lot. A large lot on the highest point of Troglo Village Origine with 360-degree all-round views. Cor and Oukje had a beautiful large house built with all the trimmings, and that for permanent residence. Their swimming pool will also be built in spring.

Troglo Village Kavel 4

Lot 4

This lot 4 contains Henk and Pieternel’s holiday home. A rich and beautifully designed house with plenty of space and plenty of rooms for children and grandchildren. Henk and Pieternel are true lovers of peace and nature. That was also a reason to buy lot 6 as well. Flora and fauna are also very happy with their choice.

Troglo Village Kavel 5

Lot 5

Jan and Margriet, ultra-dynamic people, had been living in the region for a while. They had a beautifully renovated farmhouse, but it was finished at some point… After a picnic on lot 5, they got a serious construction fever. And after a few years of building, the move is now approaching. They have built a very spacious modern house. With lots of space and a swimming pool with beautiful views.

troglo village kavel 7

Lot 7

A family from Rotterdam recently made the decision to move onto lot 7. More about their building plans on this centrally located 2485m2 lot will follow later. It will undoubtedly be a heavenly spot under the two large umbrella pines that form more or less the heart of Troglo Village Origine.

troglo village origine concept

Will you also come and live in Troglo Village Origine?

Lots 1 and 11 and residences 8, 9 and 10 are still available. Will you be the new resident?

Troglo Village Overzichtskaarat

The area

Troglo Village Origine is divided into 11 lots. The houses have already been built on lots 2, 3, 4, and 5. Lot 6 and 7 have also been sold. On lot 6 there will be no building, but is for flora & fauna and preservation of the panoramic view. You can see the location of these lots on the overview map.

Will you be our future neighbor?

Can’t wait to live with us in Troglo Village Origine?