Troglo Village Origine is a modern, small-scale, ecological new-build project for those seeking tranquility. In the charming village of Perpezac le Blanc, located in the unspoiled department of Corrèze in the sunny south-west of France, 11 lots are situated on a hilly terrain of no less than 5 hectares. 5 lots have now been sold, 6 lots are still for sale. These lots have the complete infrastructure and are ready to be built on immediately.

Our story, our vision


A place where the horizon is calm and peaceful. An undulating landscape with fertile soil under a usually clear blue sky. At night, a beautiful starry sky is visible since there is hardly any light pollution. A place where you can live quietly to the rhythm of the seasons. In a country with a rich culture of dining and wine. You can wander through the villages and absorb the country life.

Motorway noise does not exist here and you do not stumble over tourist crowds. It is an extremely safe place: sparsely populated, but us-know-us. Hardly any crime and in terms of climate change a favorable location. You live here in peace and harmony with nature. Summers are wonderfully warm and invite you to enjoy the outdoors, while indoors it remains pleasantly cool. Hikers and (electric) cyclists will find what they are looking for here. Once settled in this country, you can let yourself be guided by the dream of a contemporary way of life.

Troglo Village Origine



This dream place exists: Troglo Village Origine. A beautiful place that we have named Origine, after starting point, base, and source. It is an original, private place to be with friends. It is a haven to return to and from there to discover to be inspired.

The village of Perpezac le Blanc, in the southwest of Corrèze, is home to Troglo Village Origine. Troglo Village Origine is a modern, small-scale ecological new-build project for those seeking tranquility. Located on a southeastern slope just outside the charming village of Perpezac le Blanc, in the idyllic countryside of the Corrèze department in southwestern France.

On a site of 5 hectares, there are 11 building lots, alternately flat and sloping, ranging from 2200 to 6800 m2. The houses are placed in such a way that the view remains unobstructed. And if there is another house in sight, it also has a green appearance: all houses have a green roof with vegetation. The experience of nature is central. The modern houses are in harmony with the environment: they are designed like the many “granges” in the landscape. An open and somewhat rugged nature experience.

The choice of materials is environmentally conscious and with respect to the local tradition. The lots are large, which optimally guarantees privacy. And thus offer plenty of options for constructing your own swimming pool, for example. And with fiber optic internet we stay in superfast contact with the whole world.

And all this can be reached from the Netherlands, Belgium, England or almost anywhere in Europe within one day of travel. You will understand our amazement and devotion to this place. A place where you too can become a part of.

Who are you? 

You are looking for a house in France. Not a fixer-upper, but a modern house designed by an architect. You find it important that the home is environmentally friendly, ecological, and energy conscious. But also fully equipped, appropriate in the region, and low maintenance. You want a detached house with a view of greenery in a hilly and rural environment. Above all; you are looking for a (second) home where you can live in nature, comfort, freedom, and tranquility.

Who are we? 

The Dutch entrepreneur Han van Geest discovered this place by accident more than 30 years ago. A place where he came back to his roots and feels connected to his ancestors. And he has also found his second home there. A few years ago he came into contact with the Dutch architect WillemJan Droog of D~B Architects. WillemJan has also been unable to let go of Troglo Village Origine. The houses in Troglo Village Origine were designed in consultation with Han and WillemJan. WillemJan has also built his own second home there. Both gentlemen are happy to talk to you about this beautiful new construction project!

Want to know more?

We hope that your curiosity about Troglo Village Origine has been aroused and we invite you to read more on this website. Or would you like to speak to us personally to answer your questions?